Wednesday, June 30, 2010


been in a bit of a list mode lately. thinking about all the things i want to experience/explore/examine in my lifetime. when i feel like life hasn't been living up to my standards a list always gets my head back in the game
and so here it is
a list of things to do:
be pregnant again
give birth naturally
pick a career and run with it
stand behind my work
attempt surfing
stay in jamaica at the caves
cliff dive in said caves
be able to do a handstand without bracing
learn a back walkover
lose the weight i have left to lose
sleep in a redwood forrest
sleep in a tree house
stay at the jacuzzi suites
go rockclimbing
find a place we love enough to buy property in
get my credit back where it belongs so we can buy property when we find the place
take A camping
take A on vacation
take more vacations....waaaaaay more
learn more about photography
learn to sew
learn to hula hoop better than i do now
renew our vows
go on a real honeymoon
let go of the past
find a brother for jack (our dog)
believe in my big dreams
dive off a boat in the ocean
swing on a tree swing
maybe try skydiving
attempt to snowboard
spend time at a spa
be a peaceful, mellow mama
volunteer for something i really belive in
learn to judge others less
learn to judge myself less
keep journaling, and blogging, and making artsy crafty goodness
keep living an authentic life

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