Sunday, July 4, 2010

been busy having some adventures the last few days. friday A and i took a trip to visit one of my friends and her baby. when i found out i was pregnant she was the first person i told at work. we were in a seperate student break room at the special needs school we worked at and i whispered to her..."don't tell anyone yet but im pregnant" and she whispered "oh my god me too"
such an awesome moment i will never forget. it was so awesome to go through pregnancy together. we were allies throughout the whole process and i know we are bound for life because of it.
so friday we treked out to see her and it was so awesome. we went with her and her babe to a natural parenting group. we walked in and i fell in love. gorgeous green walls covered in quotes about the strength of women, natural wood toys and baby carriers everywhere, a section just for cloth diapers, a pool, lots of lounge rooms and a big room where the group was held. i wanted to snuggle in and never leave. i was so bummed when it was time to go. while there, one of the women who worked there told me about a similar establishment in the next town over from where we live! wahoo! they are closed for the holiday but i cannot wait to check them out later in the week.
i feel so lucky to know my friend. not only were we pregnant together and were each other's support at work but we both attachment parent and are interested in natural parenting. i am so so lucky to have her as my friend. i hope our boys are great friends as they grow up.
another adventure was some ocean time with A. we took an impromptu stop at the beach yesterday and plopped him down in his clothes. i put him down right on top of a shell. my husband says "pick him up you put him on a shell!" and as i look down, the shell crawled away! haha. A was sitting on top of a hermit crab. hermit crabs were crawling all around but he didn't even notice. he was LOVING the water. watching A enjoy the water, the pool, and the ocean just warms my heart. i feel like i belong in water and it is awesome to see A so joyful over it.
looking forward to adventures at the cottage tomorrow. A will be spending alot of time in the water (as will we) and i can't wait
happy fourth!

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