Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a summer list

every year around this time i start making all these big plans for my summer.
plans which inevitably fall through and leave me disappointed. i am a lover of
long life lists, to do lists, goals lists and am two years into my 101 things in
a 1001 days list. i get a thrill at crossing things off these lists. since we
are on the cusp of summer i am making a summer to do list but i am keeping my
goals small. i am reminded that joy lives in the small things and with that
spirit, i am making an attainable to do list

summer 2010

* finish postcard sets

* get some artwork on line

* get shop up and running

* take plenty of photographs

* shop at the farmers market

* get myself, my husband and my son in a photobooth (extra credit if we get the dog in there too)

*take A camping

* ride a ferris wheel

* swim in the ocean

* make prints of my fave photos

* go to a festival

*go to a flea market

* save $3000.00

* find a new hiking trail

* sew something

this seems like a nice start....

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