Thursday, June 10, 2010


today i am wishing for a secret gate to a secret garden, a bunch of sunflowers in a bottle of rain, a rusty watering can and a giant pumpkin

today its raining which sadly means we are stuck in the house. its june but the rain is cold and biting, no weather to take a baby out in. so we are here. the bean is laying on a stack of blankets kicking his feet in rythm to the third eye blind concert on tv. normally we don't have the tv on but today, i feel, is an exception.

days like this i wish my husband were home and we were all snuggled in bed. i can romanticize rain and cold in my head but really, i hate it. i need to be outside i need to be running around doing stuff. i need to be at the beach or in the woods on a daily basis and there is none of that today.

so here we are, on the floor, camping out.
at least with rain there will be snails....lots of them :)

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