Monday, December 13, 2010


sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in your own struggle so much that you can't even fathom other people are struggling more than you. the realization that some people have it much worse than me is what brought perspective to my situation. reaching out and helping out in a small way has taught me that even when we feel we have nothing we can still give or do something. i was surprised to see just how much good a small motion could make. i have been feeling so much better, so much more balanced lately.
and then just now i found out about someone i care about and a struggle they were going through that i knew nothing about. my heart broke for her. thankfully it is over now but knowing that she could get through such a tough time made me feel like my struggles are more than manageable.
i need for nothing in my life and my family is healthy and whole. i could not ask for another thing and i am grateful to have the life i have.

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