Friday, July 16, 2010

As A recovers from his surgery he spends most of the day asleep. this has freed up some time for me to be a little introspective. there are many quiet moments throughout the day now for me to wander in my thoughts.
there have been alot of icky feelings lately. i feel hurt and angry, disapointed and discouraged. i have been overly critical lately and judgemental. i feel like i am lacking something in my life and instead of seeking it out, i have been angry that it doesn't exist yet. this is not fair to anyone. i know if i want a change it is up to me to make it happen.
so last night my husband and i had a long talk about how we can only change ourselves and no one else. we talked about how we can change our attitudes and focus on the positive as we make some changes in our life. nothing happens overnight but having the right mindset can make the time going by sweeter.

things to keep you happy in the meantime:

pumpkins growing on the vine

painted toes

baby laughs and giggles

A saying ma ma

husband hugs

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