Wednesday, January 12, 2011


An overwhelming snow storm has rolled into town and has forced the three of us to stay put all. day. today.
there were big plans to move a bunch of stuff to our new home but the blizzard outside has shut down our whole operation. i was annoyed at first but now i am looking at this as an invitation to take a break, take a breather, pause the madness
we have been going nonstop these final days before the move and i have been overwhelmed, easily angered, and stressed out. this is not how i want to arrive at our new place!
so i am taking this opportunity to take a breath and think about all the goodness that awaits us at our new home.
i want to also put all the resolutions and ideas in my head onto my blog to help hold me accountable to them. we are using this move as a catalyst for some big changes we are making in the coming year and i need to organize my thoughts.


Stick to the budget and save a minimum of $100 a week
Join the CSA
Hike a minimum of once a week
Swim a minimum of once a week in summer
Workout able to run a mile without walking
Expand A's diet (ideas?)
Cook one new recipe a week
Take one yoga class a week
Plan a weekend in newport/portland/loon with hubby
Plan a north conway girls trip/camping trip
Map out a garden

Continue ebay up to $500/month
Get an etsy site up and running
Set aside time each week for projects/planning
Purchase a scanner/printer/photocopier
Begin required reading for becoming a doula

I truly feel like this year is the year of possibilities. I have so many ideas in my head that I believe in and I am excited to see some things come to fruition this year. Once we are fully moved into our house I plan on getting right to work to grow my existing business and to begin a new creative one. I am so excited to begin channeling my creativity into a way to support my family. I am so blessed that I have the time to do this. My husband being out of work again frees up so much time for the two of us to devote to the business idea we have. I am really excited about this and it has allowed me to see his unemployment in a whole new way. We both have had these ideas for so long and I feel like this is the universe telling us we need to explore them.

I am so ready to move in, set up and get to work! This weekend can't get here fast enough!

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