Monday, August 2, 2010

girls weekend

this past weekend was spent with my two oldest girlfriends on a suppossed -to -be camping trip. we ended up not finding a spot friday night and staying in a motel. we woke up in the gorgeous white mountains and spent the day shopping, drinking wine, taking pictures, looking at art, driving through the mountains, swimming in rivers, checking out waterfalls, walking through forests....
it was magic
saturday we found a spot and got to camp (hooray!). the bear alert was a little nervewracking but we had such an awesome night snuggled around the campfire.
the magic of the mountains gets me every time. i am truly excited to get to go again at the end of august with my husband and our son.
the excitement is bubbling inside me!

1 comment:

  1. To go where your heart calls you.. there is no greater magic than that and that your son will get to see you bubbling in your bliss in the open air like that.. heaven.

    You know if we, as people, can get past bear alerts or moose alerts, and still have an amazing time, we must be in the soul zone ;)