Tuesday, May 25, 2010


just reading a post at the one small change blog about the oil spill and how we can take small steps to lowering our oil consumption. how hugely important is this? why aren't there newswbreaks and roundtables on ways to shrink our dependency on oil?

just thinking about all the sea turtles and other wildlife dying and suffering in this spill makes me sick. why don't the images on tv and in print scare people into action?

it is time for a huge step away from oil and an investment in wind or solar energy. this will change the way we live our lives but isn't it time for that change?

my husband is an electrician and is hoping to be put on a job in december building a wind farm. it is an offshore windfarm and we would have to move but i am so so so excited. i hope he gets it because to be at the forefront of a change in the way we harness energy would be awesome. he is hoping for it for the same reason. it is time to adjust to a new way of living that will keep us and our planet safe.

but for now we can all do our part. knowing the changes we have made as a family gives me hope that so many other people just like us are doing their part too. hopefully when my son is an adult with his own children oil spills will be a thing they read about in history books.

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