Thursday, May 27, 2010


every day i wake up and every day i go to sleep so grateful for the life i live.

my life was not roses and sunshine growing up and i didn't know what happiness was until i met my boyfriend (now husband) at 21. i didn't know what a healthy relationship was, what a healthy family was and i am still learning this today

but every day i can't help but think about where i came from and where i am now. the life i live is a joy, a blessing. my husband is my best friend, we have an awesome, mellow baby. we have enough family and friends to keep us busy and keep us feeling filled up. i know my son will grow up with plenty of loving, awesome people around him and it makes my heart swell.

i wouldn't change one thing about my life. i am in awe that i even get to live this life. i want to never take my happiness for granted. my story could have been much different than it is and the fact that its not is something i will be forever grateful for

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