Friday, May 28, 2010


went for a nice long hike today through the woods and around the lake. A snuggled in for a nap while mama got some exercise. it feels so good to be moving through nature, feeling movement in my body, and being out and about. there is no place better than the forest and the ocean. i always feel at home in both of them.

when i was younger i used to take people i was dating to the ocean. i used to think that if someone would get in and swim with all their clothes on or in the middle of winter than they were the one for me. no one was ever up to the challenge. i would lay on the rocks and watch the stars, or lay in the sand and talk or make out, one boy even brought his guitar and we spent the afternoon sitting on the rocks with him singing and me listening. so many awesome peaceful moments. but then, i met my husband and after just two months of dating we were away for a weekend and we saw a beach on the way home, pulled over and jumped in with all our clothes on. it was the middle of march. driving home i was secretly giddy knowing he was the absolute one for me.


nature, the natural world surrounding me has always been important to me. i feel very much a part of nature, of the earth and the ocean. being in the forrest with A feels like the most natural thing in the world. i can't wait to take him camping and hiking in the moutains this summer.

looking forward to every moment....

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