Wednesday, April 21, 2010


my seeds are beginning to poke through the dirt and reach and stretch towards the sun. watching a seedling sprout out of a patch of dirt never ceases to genuinly amaze me. there is something so graceful about the simplicity of the plant reaching for the sun. it makes me think of babies being born, reaching and stretching towards their mothers. i want to always be awed by the birth of life in any form.

this time of the year always reawakens my desire to cultivate and grow. each spring we have lived in a different place since we began living together five years ago. the home we are in now has a big backyard and plenty of front and side flower beds to fill. the thought of an overwhelming garden makes me giddy with excitement. there is nothing like the burst of a tomato that's been soaking up the sun right before you bite it. i'm excited to try new things this year and really sink my teeth into gardening.

the idea that we can grow food to sustain ourselves instead of buying it wrapped in plastic from a grocery store is liberating. who wouldn't want to live off the land in this way? i hope to be able to grow food that we all can eat since A will be eating solids by the time fruit and veggies start to grow.

oh where does time go?

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