Monday, April 19, 2010

an earth celebration

we took A to a buterfly garden today and it was the most amazing thing. he loves to be in the moby wrap (my fave way to babywear), and just sucks on the side of it while we walk around. we strolled through the garden with butterflys flying all around us and hubby taking pictures.

A's favorite book is the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle. he loves the very first page where its just an egg on a leaf and the last page where the butterfly fills up the whole space. he squeals with delight whenever we open the book. he makes a pretty cute butterfly himself...

we also took some time this weekend to honor and celebrate earth day's 40th birthday. we planted a rose bush next to the side stairs. we also switched from paper towels to reusable cloth kitchen towels. i have to say, its been a really easy change.
here's hoping earth has a happy eathday birthday!

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