Monday, April 12, 2010


the morning i gave birth and became a mother to my son my entire world, entire being, changed. days turned into nights. the moon became the sun. time stood still but hours passed quickly.

becoming responsible for another life was life altering. i was so in love with the tiny creature that was my son i couldn't even think of something other than him. the purest love i have ever felt i felt for my son.

the birth of A has been the inspiration to lead a more mellow life. to get back to basics. to tread lighter on the planet so its here for him in the future. A is my inspiration to "go green" because what's good for him is also good for the planet. now that i see a connection between people's health and the planet's health it is easier to make better choices. i don't want chemicals on or in my baby and i don't want them on or in our planet. i want there to be a natural, organic world for A to inhabit as he grows up. birthing a child has been the wake up call that i and my husband needed to truly understand the need for a greener, mellower way of life.

mothering the planet mothers my son and mothering my son mothers the planet. the two are linked for life and this mellow mama is ready for the challenge

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