Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Life

We took A today to the rehabilitation center his great grandmother is currently staying in. As we were walking the halls to her room every person who passed us had to stop and talk to him. He was a gem for everybody, dishing out smiles and waves and even a few blown kisses. I know there has to be some meaning for the elderly living in these places when they see a baby. It has to give the end of your life purpose; to let the next generation have their turn on earth. I could feel the emotions of some of these people. A was giving them the simplest of joys and it was so moving.
One woman in particular brought tears to my eyes. As we began to walk away after A had said hi she wished us all well and looked at A and said "Happy Life"
It was the closest thing to a blessing I have ever felt in my life. I felt like at that moment, this woman was thankful for the happy life she herself had lived so far and was genuinely happy to pass the torch. In my mind a fast-forwarded montage played of A growing up and going to school, getting married, having a baby.....
Life goes by so, so fast. I know now to count my blessings and be grateful for the small things. And may we all have a Happy Life

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